Thursday, November 30, 2006

Decorating....and other stuff....

I put up my Christmas tree last night. I have one of those little fake trees with the lights already in it....sadly I think this will be the last year for my little tree...the branches are falling off and it's in a very sad state. It was the first tree I had on my own, so it's a little sad to see it go. Hopefully I'll find a bargain after this season's post-Christmas sales.

I'm still sorting out all the thoughts of my recent trip back to IL...I definitely want to move back there, but wonder if it will ever happen. The whole job hunt process is so difficult, especially for me with my wacky background. I often wonder if I screwed myself for life by having such a useless major (theatre lighting design). I wonder how much it works against me when people see it on my resume, though I couch it and call it "BFA in Theatre Design and Technology", but still I think people see the "theatre" and think "freak". I miss event planning and the kind of work I used to do. I definitely need to step up my hunt for those kinds of jobs again.

Been doing the Eharmony thing again....nothing is really coming from it though, much like last time. I don't even really know why I tried it again....I guess I have a touch of the winter loneliness. Something about the cold (well ok it's like 68 here today, but indulge me..November/December is SUPPOSED to be cold) makes me want to cuddle up with someone and drink coffee while reading the New York Times. I really should just get a dog.

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