Thursday, November 02, 2006

I suck!

Already I've fallen behind in my job hunt. My goal was to apply for something (hopefully more than 1 something) every day, but alas last night I went out with a friend instead of going home to work on applications. I found 3 great jobs to apply for too and there they sit in my inbox, just waiting for cover letters to be written. I suppose 1 night off isn't the end of the world, tonight I'll hopefully get back on track, apply for the 3 I found yesterday and will hopefully find more. I worry that job hunting from a distance will be impossible....I've considered changing the address on my resume to an IL address...but I feel that's kind of shady and I don't like being dishonest on a resume. I'm totally willing to pay for the cost of plane tickets to interviews and for relocation costs, so it's frustrating if my address is what limits me. Oh well. I suppose we'll try it the honest way for awhile and see if I get any interviews. Some of the resumes I've seen come through my current job have gone the "permenent address, temporary address" route...maybe I'll try that.

sigh. this sucks.

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