Sunday, November 05, 2006

REVIEW: Minsan Pa

I came across this Filipino movie at my local library. It's subtitled in English, though even with my somewhat limited knowledge of Tagalog, I could tell it was not translating exactly what they were saying. The English text was merely a "gist" of the dialogue. For me it was somewhat distracting, even though overall I really enjoyed this movie.

Minsan Pa translates to One Moment More. It's the story of a 20 something man (a very HOT 20 something man I might add) who is forced to take care of his family when his father leaves them to be with his mistress. Jerry works as a tour guide in Cebu to earn money to support his mother and siblings and in his work he observes love and attraction in its many forms, forcing him to deal with his own thoughts about marriage and love. The ending is very weak, but the message is still clear and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys foreign movies.

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