Saturday, November 25, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

I finally escaped family togetherness. I came to Chicago a day early (I fly back to NY tomorrow) to relax, reflect and blog! The friend I'm staying with had plans for tonight so I'm left in his beautiful, quiet house all to myself. An absolute perfect end to a crazy week.

Towards the end of the week I started to feel fussy and stifled. Friday I had a minor melt down, which was thankfully (mostly) averted with some major retail therapy on dad's credit card (with his permission). First of all my sis's bf was driving me crazy..and he wasn't even there! I fully acknowledge that my anoyance with him (and her) comes from jealousy. Not that I wish that I had their relationship, because I certainly don't, but that my little sister has a life experience that I've never had and know nothing about. I have no frame of reference at all, and I find it selfishly hard to witness her relationship. After listening to the beep beep beep of her keypad while she text messaged INCESSANTLY the entire week, I finally stole the phone and turned off the key beep, but it was only a minor reprieve. The straw that broke the camel's back was on Friday night when we were all sitting around the dining room table playing cards, we had only been sitting there a few hours at most and our house phone rang. It was sis's bf freaking out that she wasn't answering her cell. She had left it upstairs while we were playing cards and he had been texting/calling her and when she didn't answer he called my parents. I FLIPPED and completely lost it, which of course got me the same lecture I've been getting for years now that "I don't know anything about having a relationship, so I should shut up"..even my DAD said it this time...I still think it's insane to call someone 7 times and text message then 6 in 2 hours because they aren't responding, but apparently I know I'll shut up.

Secondly, I realized that there is one major complication with my pending move back to Chicago....I will once again be under (semi)local scrutiny from my parents....from my wanting a pet to the kind of car I want to get are going to be ridiculed, questioned and criticized....and I've never been good at handling all that from them. I'm not sure I'm ready for my choices not to be my own again.....but I feel powerless to stand up to my parents and defend myself. It's a battle I know I will have to face eventually.

In other news...I got a call from a recruiter that saw my resume on hotjobs. It's a NY job, but they are looking for a legal asst with entertainment law background. I'll probably call the woman back and at least see what the job is and if the salary is higher that what I make now. I wasn't really looking for another NY job, but if the pay differential is enough I might consider it.....I'll keep you posted!

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