Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democrats have the House! I'm not too optimistic about the Senate, but I'm still glued to CNN, have one computer screen showing the CNN.com election map and one screen showing the New York Times election map.

I had one hell of a time voting this morning. Despite moving over 18 months ago, having a photo ID with my current address on it AND registering my new address with the Board of Elections AND showing the confirmation letter I received from the Board saying I had successfully changed my address, I was accused by some VERY RUDE poll workers of not having updated my address properly and was denied the ability to vote. After pleading my case I was finally shoved a paper ballot (yet not given any instructions or guidance) and told I could vote by paper. Ugh. I heard Chelsea Clinton had a similar experience today.....so at least I wasn't alone in my voting angst. Anyone else have voting trauma today?

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