Monday, October 09, 2006

Apartment 4A Curse Redux

I thought that when the volatile couple upstairs broke up and moved out, it would be the end of my days listening to tempers (and headboards) clash all night, but alas the curse of apartment 4A continues. From the hours of 11pm to nearly 4am the new couple who now live above me screamed at eachother incessantly, once again keeping me awake. Though this couple is far less amorous (or they have a better quality bed with minimal squeaking/no headboard), they add a bilingual flair to their hostilities and definitely have the competitive edge over couple #1. I know I could call the police, or complain to the super, but I've been in their shoes and I know that sometimes you just have to get the emotions out. If I thought she (or even he) were in any danger, I of course would do something, but I've been there enough to recognize the inflections of argument, even in another language, and though lengthy, this was nothing more than a heated discussion. I hope for their sake (and for mine!) that whatever it was they got it out of their system and there won't be repeat performance tonight.

I wonder if I should warn them of the curse....perhaps a belated housewarming gift of sage to exorcise the demons?

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