Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Standing Up.

I've been having problems with one of my coworkers for a while now and lately it has escalated to the point where she prevents me from doing my job. I'm tired of being emotionally abused at work, so I've decided to go to HR and ask for assistance in how to better communicate with her. When I made the appointment whith HR I was confident, but now that I'm home and reflecting back on it I've lost my confidence and I'm afraid of coming off as whiny and like I'm not a team player. I'm going to try to emphasize the "productivity loss" and less the "makes me feel like crap", but I'm still afraid its going to come off as a petty female jealousy (she's very attractive and well-liked with the men in the office). I want to back out and let it go, but I really AM at my breaking point and feel as though I can't continue working in a place where I'm treated disrespectfully every day. Ugh....wish me luck

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