Sunday, October 08, 2006

The date that keeps on getting worse...

I met a guy online a few months ago through Craigslist. I had posted something about looking for people to hang out with and he responded. We emailed back and forth for months before he said that even though he’s really apprehensive about meeting people online, he wanted to meet up. He suggested Friday after work…at 10:30pm! Even though it was totally a “I’m not committing to dinner until I see how hot you are” time, I agreed and we met up at a bar near work (I picked there because it was a place I was sure to know someone and the bartenders recognize me. I figured it was a safe place to meet up). We had a few drinks and the conversation was intelligent, yet still flirty. We stayed out pretty late and we finally left when the bar closed. As I started to walk to my train, he held my hand. Even though his train was in the opposite direction, I thought he was just being a gentlemen and walking me to the subway since it was like 3:30am. Once we got to the train I turned to say goodbye and he starts in on how he’s felt this “connection” and he wants to come home with me! I told him that I was sorry if I had given off the impression that I was that kind of girl, but that I do not take people I just met into my home. I thanked him for a nice evening and said goodbye. He kept yammering on about how we were both adults and how he didn’t see what the problem was. There weren’t many people around, so I decided to walk another 10 blocks to Grand Central where there was more likely to be other people around. He wasn’t being forceful in any way and I wasn’t scared, but I thought it best to try to walk to a more crowded location in case he got even more argumentative. By the time we got there it was nearing 4am and I just wanted to get home. I told him again very clearly that I was NOT bringing a stranger into my house and he kissed me goodbye and went on his way. I chalked his behavior up to typical tipsy horniness and still hoped to hear from him the next day.

He text messaged me a few times the next afternoon, mostly baseball trash talk since I’m a Mets fan and he’s a Yankees. It was cute though…he said he was coming back into the city that night (he lives on Long Island) for a party. I told him to have fun and that I’d be home watching the Mets game. That night (technically this morning) at 4:40AM my phone rings and it’s him, telling me he wants to come over. After telling him he was insane, that a guy who respects a woman does NOT call her up for a 5am booty call, he got mad saying he didn’t know why I was playing hard to get. After getting mad, I abruptly got off the phone and told him to go home. About 15 minutes later I get this text message “thanks for making me miss my train. I don’t know why u r playing these mind games”. I was IRATE. I resisted the urge to call him back and tell him off and shut my phone off and tried to go back to sleep.

I REALLY want to send him an email today telling him off, but I wonder if I should just let it go and quit taking his calls. I am so upset….his text message really pissed me off and I want to let him know. What do you guys think, should I tell him off or let it go?

Seriously, are there ANY men out there who respect women anymore??

UPDATE: I just got this text message: "my apologies for the 4am call...i was drunk and did not realize it was inappropriate"

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