Thursday, October 19, 2006

I am SO disappointed!

I must confess I am a bit of a Project Runway addict. Not a huge fan of most reality shows (except the Apprentice), PR is one of the best out there. They pick talented designers and though there is some trash talking and drama, it's not the premise of the entire show, they really do focus on the designs. After watching last night's finale though, I was extremely disappointed. Jeffrey, the absolute jerk who treated another contestant's mother horribly, and who went over budget with his final collection, WON the competition. Just goes to show rule breaking and being disrespectful is what gets you ahead in this world. I truly felt sick when the called his name. I guess in the end being talented and creative makes up for being an ass, at least in the fashion world.

Hmm...just like being hot makes up for being an ass in the dating world come to think of it.

Lesson Learned: You can be an ass if you are attractive or if you have least if you are a man anyway.

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