Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I am in DIRE need of french fries....

I have tried many remedies for a hangover....water, Advil, gatorade, m&ms, but nothing works for me except french fries. They have mystical healing powers and I'm in desperate need for a big plate of them right now.

Went to an AMAZING concert for work last night. Most of the concerts I have to attend for work are small venues or clubs, but when our biggest artist played in NY last night, we all got to attend the show (with VIP seating I might add!) and it was amazing. I noticed a cute guy in a blue shirt in our section that I didn't recognize, so I did some major asking around and managed to find out he was a guest of someone in our digital distribution department. I managed to get him an invite to an after-party I attended and ended up chatting him up all night. Unfortunately he is from LA and was only in NY for 24 hours. Sigh. We exchanged some emails this morning, but after the perfunctory "nice meeting you, have a safe trip back to LA", "great meeting you too, I enjoyed the concert and having drinks with you" exchange I'm not sure what else I can say. Oh well...it was nice to chat up a cute boy for a few hours....makes the hangover slightly more bearable.

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