Saturday, March 10, 2007

Can anyone tell me if this is good or not?

I had texted Eharmony boy "welcome back" yesterday morning, last night he texts me back "oh I got back yesterday". (Is it wrong to be annoyed that he was back for 24 hours before he even bothered to tell me?) So I text him back, but never hear from him. This morning I get an email from that says "I'm not ignoring you, I'm just trying to get back into a routine. I'll call you Sunday"......I know nothing about men and dating, so I can't tell if it's a good sign when they tell you they aren't ignoring you or is it a cover for actually ignoring you?

I so don't want to be this girl....of course around him, I play it all cool, like I didn't even notice he was MIA, but here I'm a mess. Please tell me this dating thing gets easier?? Please??


Seeking Solace said...

The fact that he emailed you to explain his situation is a good sign. I would wait and see if he calls.

Cheeky said...

I agree with Solace - if he was ignoring you he wouldn't send you a message to say he wasn't. Maybe he just do as he said and get back home and in a routine again....I know doesn't make it any easier but I think at this point you can take him at his word.

Girl said...

Hmmm...seems like this could go three ways. He was either 1) annoyed that he had heard from you twice and felt the need to schedule the next time you talk or 2) he genuinely was concerned that he was not able to get in touch with you.

Or, 3) he could possible be a boy and just not be thinking about things in a time line like we girls like to.

In any of those cases, it is good. 1) is good because you deserve better than that and this will at least get it out in the open that he is an ass. 2) is good because it means he is at the same level as you and 3) is good because it is the most likely of all the options, and still gets you out of the him-being-a-jerk-option while still giving you the satisfaction of over thinking the situation :)

Kai said...

I'm inclined to say that you all are right, that he is genuinely concerned he's been out of touch with me and wants to reconnect. I suppose we'll really find out when/if he calls tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens!!

Thanks to all you fabulous ladies! You prevented me from wasting my day on the couch obsessing with a pint of ice cream!