Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grilled Cheese

The absolute SECOND the doctor gives me the ok to start eating solid foods again, I am making myself a grilled cheese. I'm on day 6 of the post-wisdom teeth removal liquid diet and I'm ready to take hostages. Give me CARBS!

Still no word from Eharmony boy. He's flying all day today and should be back sometime tomorrow. I am so hoping he contacts me again when he gets home. He was pretty good about keeping in contact the first four weeks of his trip, it's only this last week that he's gone completely MIA on me. Most of me thinks he was just busy enjoying his last week of vacation, but the insecure part of me thinks he just lost interest after so much time apart. I think the thing I hate most about this whole relationship stuff is the waiting. Between the starvation and the obsessive checking of my cellphone for the "I'm back" text message, I'm a complete basket case. I think some retail therapy is in order!

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doggy mama said...

Waiting SUCKS! Because then your mind has time to wander... and think and think and think.

Definitely get thee to a retail shop and take your mind off of the boy!

Good luck at the dentist!

- Doggy Mama