Friday, March 16, 2007

Friend or Foe?

I got an email today from Eharmony boy. I knew it was coming. The gist was "I'm truly sorry for what happened and I would like to know if we could be friends". I know I need to respond, but I'm not really sure where I'm at with all this. I have no hard feelings at all regarding him. He did handle the situation (for the most part) like a man and was up front with me. He is definitely someone I could see myself being good friends with. However, I have a LONG history with men leaving me for other women and/or cheating. Each time it happens my self esteem shreds more and more. I'm afraid every time I talked to him or hung out I would be reminded that I was great, but just not great enough to get the guy. I don't need a friendship that's drama or complex. I think I'm going to email him back and tell him that I'm not upset or angry with him, but that I need a bit more time before I can be friends. Sigh. I truly wish I knew why this situation keeps happening to me. I'm so tired of being the girl men kill time with while they hunt for a "real" girlfriend. I've had airport layovers that lasted longer than most of my relationships. I need a guy who's looking for some frequent flyer miles.


Doggy Mama said...

Oh boy. I've been there before... my best advice is to just cut off all ties with him. It will be easier for you in the short run AND the long run. I've tried to maintain friendships with guys like this before, and my heart just kept getting broken over and over. Cut your losses and move on... there's a better guy around the corner!

Cheeky said...

By reading this, I think you have answered your own question