Monday, March 12, 2007

Life is One Cruel Joke

Well Eharmony boy called. We chatted about his trip for about 20 minutes, had some laughs, he reminded me about the dinner I owe him. Things were going well.

And then....

he tells me he met someone on his trip and they have been dating for the past few weeks.

Why why why does this stuff keep happening to me? I feel like I clearly don't deserve happiness cause all I get is continually crapped on.



Seeking Solace said...

Wait a sec here. This guy is a jerk. No wait, a worm, a rat. No wait, that's an insult to those creatures...

I got it. He's an asshole!

You so deserve happiness. There is someone out there who will love to be with you because you are one awesome person. Don't give him the power to destroy your self esteem.

Girl said...

Gosh...can I tell life was JUST LIKE THIS when I was single and young. I actually was thinking about it the other day; if I had met TF when I was pining away for guys/a relationship we NEVER would have hit it off. Forget this guy. The right one is still out there. Once you are prepared to meet him, it will happen.

Cheeky said...

What!?! That sucks. I am sorry to hear that.

Doggy Mama said...

There's no way around it - this sucks and that's all there is to it. I can't tell you how many times I was burned by assholes (yes, seeking solace, you got the word right!) like this.

I used to hate when people said this to me, but... YOU DESERVE BETTER!! (I hated it because I knew it was true, but it didn't help me at the time. You'll see the wisdom in it soon enough, though!)

I wish I had a magic ball and could tell you exactly when your prince charming would come for you, but all I can do is tell you that you will be able to laugh about this soon (without anger), and you will find the RIGHT guy who treats you RIGHT and doesn't dick you around.

I'm can tell you this because I have been there, and I finally did find a guy who doesn't play games. There's one out there for you, too. Just wait!

Kai said...

Aww thanks all! I haven't quite hit the "there are better things to come" phase yet, but I'm working on it. In the meantime anyone want to lend me their dog to cuddle with? :-P

Alison said...

Ouch! Seriously? He reminded you about owing him dinner, and THEN he told you? Ugh.

But maybe you should go out to dinner with him anyway. And then hook up with his best friend.

The others are right, though. It'll happen. May not feel like that now, but it'll happen.

Alison said...

Wait. Who said that about hooking up with his best friend? Did I say that? Hmm.

I actually had a thought this morning. I was thinking about eHarmony boy, and I thought - well, I'm mad at him for not loving you, and I'm disappointed that it's not "it". But, well. If I step outside that, I think - he wasn't actually a jerk, a worm, or a rat. He was upfront, and he was honest (don't worry - I'm still mad at him, but I'm just thinking here...)

And, you know, if he's honest, then maybe I wasn't totally off with that "hook up with his best friend thing." I have more than one friend that is now married to the good friend of a boy they once dated., maybe, even if your heart is breaking slightly, it's worth taking him up on that dinner at some point, when you're ready, as friends. And then tell him to invite you to something with other friends of his...because if he's honest, he's probably got some okay friends, too. And who knows? Maybe one of those friends is a better fit. Or maybe you'll just make more friends. Maybe someday you'll even be comfortable saying "Dude, you owe me. Set me up with someone nice."

But Kai? we've all been there, and it sucks. It totally sucks. But seeking solace is right. Don't let him destroy your self esteem.

Remember, they're all going to be wrong until the one that is right. In the meantime, you seem like pretty good company. Don't forget that.

(you can totally borrow my dog sometime).

Alison said...

Shut me up. I never dated anyone. So I have no idea.

Not true. I went on one date - and I was so scared I brought three friends. See how lame I am?

Never take advice from me. Except for that part about self esteem.

Kai said...

Ali - I'm with you. Though he didn't love me, he was (mostly) upstanding about it. He called me and told me and didn't just ignore me or cop out via email or text. On the friend's front though, I'm still mulling...At least for now I think I'd be going into a friendship with him hoping that he would eventually break up with her and want to be with me. Maybe in a little while I could do it, but for now, I think I need some distance.

Pass the dog!