Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feminism. I'm sorry.

I have a friend. One of those friends who is HOT and even though you know he's not Mr. Right forever, he's Mr. fun when the pickin's are lean. One of THOSE friends. You know what I mean.

I loathe cutesy nicknames, and practically gag when couples refer to eachother as anything resembling a food item, but I have to say when Mr. fun calls me babydoll I get a little weak in the knees.

I'm so ashamed.


Mustafa ┼×enalp said...

I like your site very much. Thanks for your interest. Have a good day

Jenn said...

Oh. You got a comment from Mustafa too. Huh. :-) He likes my site 'very much' too. Heh heh.

Nothin' wrong with a little babydoll every now and then.

Kai said...

Jenn - and here I thought I was special LOL

If it's wrong then I don't want to be right!

comebacknikki said...

Heh. I totally understand. :)

Kai said...

Comebacknikki - I'm glad I'm not alone!!