Friday, March 09, 2007

Not even a smoke signal

Yesterday came and went and no word from Eharmony boy. Sigh. I was hoping for at least a "I'm home" text message, but nothing. It's now been a week since I've heard from him. I'm a smart girl, I get it. I read the book. I've learned to recognize the signs of "He's Just Not That Into You". I'm trying to get to that place where I'm happy for the dates and conversations we had, and grateful that for at least a little while I got to have some fun, but I'm just not there yet.

Thank god ice cream is on my list of Dr. approved foods. Pass the mint chocolate chip please.


Girl said...

You know he is going to call right?

Guys think WAY differently than we do.

A frustrating fact that you don't understand until one of them is committed to you.

In a way it reminds me of being a mom. I am always saying that there is no way that I will ever be able to be a good mom, and people are always saying once you ARE a mom, you will understand and be able to 'speak the language' of kids.

The same thing is true with men and relationships. Once you are in a committed relationship with a guy, when all the questions and wondering are gone, THEN you start to understand them.

Until then, we drive ourselves NUTS trying to figure them out.

He will call.

Doggy Mama said...

Sorry that you have to be going through this. :( I know how sucky it feels.

Here's hoping you get a signal... soon!!

- Doggy Mama

Kai said...

Girl - Oh how I hope you are right! There is a huge part of me that thinks he wouldn't have tried as hard as he did to stay in touch while he was gone, just to blow me off the day he gets home, but still I worry, it's what I do.

DM - Dating woes and Dr. restricted diets do NOT mix LOL. Lets hope he sends morse code, skywriters or one of those creepy notes with the letters cut out of magazines soon!