Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today was aparently NOT Admin Assistant Appreciation Day

Part of our network at work went down today and some of us lost all network/internet capabilities. I lost all my connections, but my boss was fine, even though we share an office. I spent the last half of the day doing absolutely nothing, since our voicemail, fax, email and internet were all affected. My boss was getting anxious about stuff not getting done, so when the rest of the company left at closing, I finished some things up using a co-worker's computer that wasn't affected by the outage. Before he left he stopped by my co-worker's desk to give me some notes on the project I was working for and then went to catch his train at Grand Central.

About an hour later, I finished up my project and walked back to my office where, upon leaving, my boss had LOCKED THE DOOR, locking my keys and all of my things inside. He lives over an hour away so I couldn't call him and ask him to come back and immediately I had visions of having to sleep on the couch in our lounge. I called HR, everyone's assistant, our Operations Manager, my boss, even the CEO of the company, but they either weren't answering their phones or they had no idea how to get in. I tried using things to slide the lock open, I tried slamming my body against the door, I tried asking it to magically open, but nothing was working. FINALLY after about an hour, HR called me back and told me about the secret key hidden in the building for emergencies. I found it and was FINALLY able to rescue my keys and get home.
What a day! Lets hope tomorrow everything is back to normal!

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doggy mama said...

Oh my gosh, what an ordeal! Good thing you were able to FINALLY get your stuff. Hope today is better!!