Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why WHY is my Karma So Bad

There really is no dress code here at work. I'm in the entertainment industry and pretty much anything goes around here. I try (for the most part) not to go TOO casual, most of the time wearing jeans with a nice sweater or shirt and boots, but some days the hours and lack of sleep get to me and when the morning comes, dressing nicely is a task too daunting for my pre-coffee self.

Monday and Tuesday of this week I had it together, I dare say I even accessorized! This morning, not so much. Let's just say when I go to the gym tonight, it won't require a significant change in wardrobe. Some women can pull the "shabby" look off and turn it into "shabby chic". I, unfortunately, am NOT one of those women.

Now guess which day I found myself sitting between two incredibly gorgeous men on the subway. Yes. That's right. TODAY.

The ONE day I'm smushed between two hotties and not between an elderly woman with WAY too much perfume and a guy with his legs spread wide apart reading the newspaper that hits me in the face every time he turns the page I have to look like I forgot my "will work for food" sign at the homeless shelter.


1 comment:

Doggy Mama said...

Isn't that always the way?

Or like the one time you leave the house without showering, looking like crap, and you run into that popular girl from high school who looks all put together.

Where's the justice!?