Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How NOT to Spend A Day Off

I've been experiencing a nasty toothache for about a week and made an emergency dental appointment yesterday. My dentist wasn't in his NYC office, but was in his Westchester office, so I had to take the day off and drive 45 minutes to the appointment. As we know, I have a significant fear of doctors so you know the pain had to be pretty bad for me to make an appointment and drive that far. He looked at my tooth and said I had an infection and needed a root canal. I got through the first shot of Novocaine well, but unfortunately it didn't numb the area and he had to do it two more times. He thought the area was numb and started to pull on the tooth, but unfortunately it wasn't and I felt a SEARING pain. He stopped the procedure and said that the infection I had must have been impeding the drugs. He gave me antibiotics and told me to make an appointment in the NYC office next week for the root canal after the antibiotics kicked in. I went home and spent a few hours laying in bed in tears. The pain subsided but the whole event left me pretty traumatized. He did mention that I could try to find another dentist who does sedation dentistry, which puts you under for such procedures, but my insurance won't cover that, so I'd have to cover the expense out of pocket and it's not cheap. I have no idea what to do, but the prospect of calling his office and making an appointment to let him try again is terrifying. Ugh.

To further my day off of fun, I decided to do my laundry and ended up ruining two of my favorite shirts. Someone must have spilled bleach on the folding table at the laundromat and I didn't notice until I got home. Luckily I folded most of my clothes at home last night, so I only ruined the few shirts I had set aside to drip dry and not my entire basket.

I really know how to use my vacation time don't I? Bleah.


Seeking Solace said...

Hope your day gets better!!!

Doggy Mama said...

Oh, what a terrible way to spend your day! :(

Kai said...

Tuesday was definitely better! I got an AMAZING bday gift :-P and the antibiotics kicked in and got rid of most of the throbbing part of the toothache.